April 12, 2023

The Car Wash Show 2023 Las Vegas!

Join us for the 2023 Vegas Car Wash Show, May 8th – 10th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A chance for old pals to catch up and reconnect, and a chance for new companies, with new ideas, to show the industry what they are all about.

WashMe falls into the latter category, and we are excited to be in booth 322 in Innovation Alley this year.

You’ve likely seen our ads or brands at this point, but you may still be asking, “What is WashMe.”

WashMe is building a multi-branded network of car washes in the United States and adding a new revenue stream to those Partner Wash locations. Simply put, we want to help you make more money and it doesn’t require any investment from you.

We invite you to come by our booth next month and find out more about what we have to offer!

What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas as far as we’re concerned. We look forward to beginning new relationships with people like you and growing our Partner Wash Network across the country.

Take Your Car Wash Membership Program to the Next Level with WashMe

Level up your membership program and boost revenue by joining WashMe’s nationwide network that drives more traffic to your car wash. When a car wash joins our program, any WashMe user can visit their facility.

By partnering with WashMe, your car wash can tap into a broader customer base, benefit from our advertising efforts, and make money from customers all over the country. Embrace innovation and adapt to changing market trends by becoming a Partner Wash and leveraging our unique features to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more about the show at the official website [Click Here]

Book a meeting with us today to explore how WashMe can transform your car wash business for the better.

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