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There’s no catch… you can increase your revenue without spending a single dollar by becoming a Partner Wash!

Become a
Partner Wash

There’s no catch… you can increase you revenue without spending a single dollar!

as easy as…


Benefits of Becoming a Partner Wash

WashMe Pays

WashMe pays our Partner Washes, providing an additional
revenue stream that requires no monetary investment on your part.

Opportunities to Up-Sell

 When WashMe members come to your location, this creates opportunities for up-selling into higher-tier washes, and selling more products, services, etc., which is even more money for your bottom line.

When We Grow, You Grow

In a highly competitive industry that often requires large, capital-intensive acquisitions to facilitate growth,
this is a chance to increase your revenue and become part of the future of the car wash industry.

Drive More Traffic to Your Location

Additional Revenue Streams

Increase tunnel traffic and higher occupancy by up-selling more expensive washes, products and services.

Get Paid

Receive income from all WashMe memberships throughout the country, not just the ones rolling through your wash. You get paid on cars that you will never even see!

Increased Retail Sales

Increase your revenue from vending to
beverage to convenience items.

Increased Throughput

You get all the benefits of additional members without the membership management headaches.

Stand Out

 Simply being listed as a WashMe Partner Wash
means we are advertising on your behalf.

Grow Your Business

No need to invest in construction or
acquiring new locations.


How Does It Work?2022-06-14T13:37:37+00:00

Open your WashMe app, select a partner wash location, press GO, and WashMe will take you their using your favorite mapping app. Once you arrive, scan the QR sticker on the point-of-sale kiosk for your entry code.

How Much Does It Cost?2022-06-14T13:35:14+00:00

WashMe memberships are $39/month

How many times can I go in one day?2022-06-14T13:38:11+00:00


What vehicles can I wash?2022-06-14T13:38:37+00:00

Your car, truck, van, or whatever the partner wash allows, for access. Limitations may apply. See Partner Wash location for details.

Are the car washes actually owned and operated by WashMe?2023-01-27T16:21:30+00:00

No – WashMe doesn’t own, manage or supply any of the Partner Washes in our network. WashMe provides the wash access and the Partner Washes manage their own, independent wash locations.


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